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🌟 Help Caidy Avery Attend Her Dance National Competition! 🌟

Caidy Avery, a talented and dedicated dancer, needs your support. Despite her passion and commitment to dance, she has faced discrimination and unfair treatment from THE OWNERS of her DANCE ACADEMY. Let’s rally together to ensure she gets the chance she deserves!

🌟 Help Caidy Avery Attend Her Dance National Competition! 🌟

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Caidy’s dance instructors have been making her journey difficult due to an issue unrelated to her dance career. They’ve hindered her ability to travel and compete, even forcing her parents to carry pieces of the stage to a competition in Richmond, Virginia. Imagine the strain and stress this has put on her and her family.


When Caidy arrived for dance practice May 28th, the owner shockingly denied her the chance to practice and made her sit outside of the studio unattended on a bench. This unjust treatment has affected her progress and undermined her confidence.


Caidy’s parents tried to resolve the situation professionally, but the dance school responded with unprofessional emails and refuse to come to a resolution. Instead of addressing their concerns, they escalated the tension on numerous occasions.


In a heartbreaking turn of events, the school dismissed Caidy via email at midnight on May 29th due to a single late payment for tuition. This disqualification means she won’t be able to compete this summer as the school is refusing to refund the fees paid for competition. But here’s the truth: Caidy’s tuition and all fees have been paid on time for the last four years!

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